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A short, but intense story

Studio Immagine Lab was founded in a basement in much the same way as many of the small, but great, enterprises in the Marche region: lots of passion and the desire to create something that makes everyday work unique and unrepeatable.

In just a few years, the basement was no longer enough to manage production. With growing numbers of orders, the quality of all of the orders also increased, a sign that a job well done when it is the result of constancy and sacrifice.

Today, Studio Immagine Lab can count on first-class figures but above all, it works with the most important luxury brands in Italy and internationally: an achievement worthy of recognition

Ilenia Tonelli

Ilenia Tonelli

CEO/Product Development Manager

Paolo Mattiozzi

Paolo Mattiozzi

CCO/Executive Director

 Studio Immagine Lab, in brief

Our way of creating Quality


We develop your ideas

Your Creativity will find its perfect home in the way we work. The solutions we find to give a “boost” to your imagination are able to change an excellent idea into something never seen before.


Always innovating

We invest a large part of our profits in implementing our equipment. Always new, efficient machinery guarantee the right finalisation for our craftsmanship.


It all happens here

Our work flow is completely in house. That is what makes your product so quick to design and produce. This is why what comes out of our workshop is completely “MADE IN ITALY”.


We also train for ourselves

Craftsmanship needs aptitude and practice, and these characteristics can only be created by professionals, and choosing the best. This is the only way to constant results.


Technique before technology

Doing something well takes more than the CPU of a computer and the precision of a laser cut. First and foremost, it is necessary to direct the potential of means one way: that is what makes the difference; that is the meaning of Quality.


We experiment for you

Experimentation is a luxury we can permit ourselves. Not only is availability taken for granted and when it is, it is not normally high quality.


Time measures value


Studio Immagine is born

Paolo and Ilenia, husband and wife, bring their passion for creating high-quality leather items into play. It all begins in a small basement, while the aim is to collaborate with emerging designers.

October 2005

First important collaborations

Between 2007 and 2013, the quality of services grows enormously. Paolo and Ilenia’s work begins to attract the attention of large international brands. Among other things, this marks the start of partnerships with Moet & Chandon and Temperley London.

2007 - 2013

Large-scale changes

The exponential growth in turnover requires the first important changes in strategy. The sole proprietorship of Ilenia and Paolo becomes Studio Immagine Srl, while continuing to trade under the name Studio Immagine Lab, which identifies the strong craftsmanship element of its services and production.

April 2013

Innovating for growth

The strong element of craftsmanship is channelled into more efficient, automated production processes. Next-generation CAD-CAM machinery are brought in

Spring 2016

Changes to spaces too

Production grows and more space is dedicated to workstations, warehouses, administration and sales. With the new premises, it is now possible to deal with any type of production request.

May 2017

COVID: flexibility and reaction.

The COVID emergency calls for a change in pace. In a matter of weeks, SIL converts some of its production to manufacture the increasingly hard to find face masks with Italian Institute of Health certification. A large part of these devices is donated to the local community.

March 2020

The crisis does not stop SIL: acknowledgements.

Studio Immagine Lab is acknowledged by Il Sole 24ore (59th in Italy and 240th in Europe), by the Financial Time, and by Cribis as being one of the companies with the highest growth and fastest development.

Spring 2021

 Non solo alta professionalità

Studio Immagine Lab oggi


Production cycles

High Fashion Clients

Items manufactured in

CAD_CAM Station


… and tomorrow is here today.

In June 2022, 800 sq metres are added  to the current production plant.

All divisions are expanded and a new area is created especially for training purposes.


Results are never achieved by chance

“Once might be luck; twice, a coincidence; three times, that’s you.”
Good luck is always a part of the job, but it isn’t the job itself, especially when the work itself is a matter of constance, precision, attention and reliability. The table below is about this

"Leader della Crescita 2021 in Italy"

"Leader della Crescita in Europa 2021"

‘Controvento: companies leading the Country 2021’

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