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Your brand as you’ve never seen it before

For years we have been creating exclusive products to the highest quality standards in one of Italy’s most important leather working districts.

Every product is curated down to the most imperceptible of details, so that even the most trained eye, the most sensitive hand, the most demanding ideas, are completely satisfied by the value that comes with a bag, a belt, a backpack or any other leather or fabric accessory.

Belts and special accessories

On-trend bags in leather and fabric 

Backpacks and waist pouches

Special stitching and dyes. 


Training to compete

Although technology has improved processes and work flows, without experience and manual expertise, it is not possible to replicate the uniqueness that comes from traditional techniques that go back decades or even centuries.

For this reason, Studio Immagine Lab creates training courses to guarantee the continuity of its production and introduce young and not so young people to a unique craftsmanship experience, that offers immense professional satisfaction.

What they say about our work 

Serious professionals and never commonplace.

“The professionalism of Studio Immagine Lab can be appreciated from the very start, and it is an impression that continues for the whole progression of the job order. Prepared, open to new ideas, they never skimp on advice and they are always extremely proactive. Their options are never commonplace.”

Annie L. 

Their availability is just what we were looking for.

“Our suppliers often offer us what they know how to do best: very often it is simpler and more productive, but it limits our creative margins. What makes Ilenia and Paolo different is that they know how to listen and they never take the easy route, but they explore new paths, knowing they will be able to travel them.”

Maria Luisa B. 

Things move very quickly.

“More than once we have been pushed for time when it comes to our sample range, well, actually, this is now a rule. But there is no greater satisfaction than finding those who, during production, makes things that seem to need a great deal of time.”

Enrico L. 

Leader della Crescita 2021 in Italy

Leader della Crescita in Europe 2021

‘Controvento: the companies leading the Country 2021’


Closer than you think

We are in one of the Italian districts that create high-end fashion products, especially in footwear.. This is where our great passion for leather and fabric accessories was able to find fertile ground

In a highly specialised entrepreneurial environment, interconnected with the most important businesses in international fashion.

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