The creative idea that faces up to technical limits: a thing that does not always seem achievable often really is, but to overcome the limits, we need to know them.

We are sure that this is the real reason why large brands choose us and continue to work with us.


From the idea, the design we are given, comes the research that leads to the model. Our modelling work is closely connected to the original idea, although this is the original idea without the technical limits imposed by material and human and mechanical expertise.

This stage too is completely performed in house, and compared with our actual capabilities so that the model (or models) can be split precisely into all the forms of the prototype and then lead to the sampling stage without too much wait.


Our prototyping process is the simple breaking down of the model into one, ten or one hundred prototypes.

In this case, too, the work flow is in house, unique and easy to identify, so that there will be no discrepancies between the model and what the prototype has become in terms of size, shape and colour.

Our stitching and dyeing are practically perfection in terms of craftsmanship, the precision that shows the hand of the artisan behind the electronic perfection of the machine, An experience that only the most discerning, well-equipped tastes are able to recognise.


Our sampling and production lines do the rest.

When the prototype reaches this point, it is practically a product that is ready for shipping, since the continued collaboration in our sectors mean it is possible to have advance knowledge of the complexities behind the process and to establish the correct time frame.

And these rapid lines allow our clients to be one step ahead for the successive logistics stages and to work on product sales without worrying about quality or supply times.

We invite you to dare

Our products have no limits when it comes to style or technique,  leather or fabric.

You won’t be surprised to find them in stores in London or New York, or at various international events.

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