2 April 2023
di Paolo Mattiozzi

The time has come…

All according to schedule. Leather Form Lab became reality on yesterday, April 1.
An incubator of ideas is born, from the all-Italian concept of ‘artisan workshop’, from form to creativity in the field of leather processing for Haute Couture and Luxury.

LFL is also a skills refiner, which will transform potential talents into solid certainties at the service of innovation and tradition.
Learning to know the fundamentals of the relationship between craftsmanship and raw materials, knowing how to quickly manage a production need, dealing with the international market of High Fashion and Luxury, these are the main objectives of this project. A project that will form every kind of professionalism: from those more properly technical, to marketing oriented profiles, to commercial ones, to management ones.

Leather Form Lab was born in the Marche Region; but from the Marche Region it looks to the world of High Fashion with the aim of overcoming every day the technical limits of the leather product.



La scadenza per la presentazione delle domande al prossimo corso è prevista per il 19 giugno.

Qui tutte le info per pertecipare. Il corso è gratuito.

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