Reshoring, because outplacement is not the solution anymore.
8 April 2022
di Paolo Mattiozzi

We are famous in Italy for anglicisms, and with reshoring, we were no less. In our industry we had been hearing about it for a few years before the pandemic, but it was like, Jack, one of those relatives from America that you hear from time to time, almost wearily, and you finally find him in front of you, one morning, when you open the door to go to work,“Hello Paolo! Good to see you!”,

Well, Jack is here.

Well, Jack seems to have arrived. In the luxury sector, at least. But relocating production that has been transported to some part of the globe is not exactly a walk in the park. Big brands have already started, but they are struggling, partly because removing production from places where it has been established is challenging from a ‘political’ rather than a production point of view; partly because you have to get a highly specialized sector like the ‘leather professional’ which has been downsized for decades.

A top professional does not invent himself; and we know something about that. And the problem is very complex, because it invests the real reason why Italian manufacturing is at the top of Alta Moda: once you lose one or even two generations, the ‘know how and good’ is not reconstituted in a few years. And the most precious asset we have is at stake: Quality.

It’s coming home.

This is why the relocation of production units will cost great resources to brands that will end up increasing competitiveness among themselves by investment, investments that in these times become increasingly problematic. The use of evolved in-house subcontractors will therefore be increasingly necessary and will probably be the real battleground between high fashion brands: those who are able to acquire high levels of specialization will surely come out on top.


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