15 March 2022
di Ilenia Tonelli

Vocation for training.

Our vocation for Training is not an impromptu idea, it is a need. As much as technology has shortened many of the processes in our main workflows, the organization of a prototype or model has a totally creative, hence ‘stylistic’ basis. Creativity, in our case, is not the idea of style that then materializes in the final product through the production stages. Our ‘creativity’ is a mixture of technical solutions and knowledge of materials and serves as a support for those with a style idea (the true Creative) who work in style offices or high fashion companies.

Machine… and mind.

Precisely because of this, the work we carry out in Studio Immagine Lab, is not mechanistic, but requires an eye and a hand to identify the really viable paths when presented with a creative project. It is work that cannot be invented.

Our need to train stems precisely from the need to bring talented minds into contact with the material, with the fabric, with the way they interact with machines and even with climatic conditions, because most of what we produce retains a part of naturalness that cannot be compressed synthetically. Think about a leather, or another natural fiber, their relationship to shear, to moisture, their resistance to tensile strength, to stitching, to ‘bonding-these are not issues whose solution can be found in manuals, they have to be discovered in the individual situation.

This is why we focus a lot on training, and together with 3AND Factory School, which is an important vocational training school established precisely to remedy some training gaps that are very much felt in the Marche footwear district, we have set up other professionalization opportunities. The advantage is not only to provide support to the productive realities of our district, but also to train talents that will allow us the normal job turnover as well as the possibility of expanding very quickly in our areas of competitiveness.

This is the beginning of a long journey, but one that is already yielding remarkable results.


















La scadenza per la presentazione delle domande al prossimo corso è prevista per il 19 giugno.

Qui tutte le info per pertecipare. Il corso è gratuito.

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