14 October 2022
di Ilenia Tonelli

.That’s way we wait for Wednesday.

We were good, but mostly lucky. We were very lucky to believe in us. But we were very lucky to find people who did the same for us. Luck must be respected; and it is not done simply by creating quality products. For us, respecting our luck means waiting for Wednesday.

For 17 years, Wednesday.

For 17 years, we have been waiting for Wednesday, 10 minutes of every Wednesday. It happens in the morning that we stop around a table and wait… Or rather, wait for me, and what I bring. The donuts, a chat in freedom, without any other thing joining us except this simple ritual. And it is not the usual heated, tasteless and imposed feeding of the harmony that reigns in the workplace:  Wednesday, here, is a tribal ritual. A ritual that has not stopped even with Covid. There were days when I could not go to the oven because at Covid: then, it was the same baker who loaded the box with donuts and came to the company; because the rites, the tribal ones, do not stop for any reason.

That’s why Wednesday is a special day for us. Wednesdays are the way we remember our good fortune and we thank those who contributed and contribute now to create it: the best-spent euros throughout the year.

And if you happen to be around here on Wednesday, you’re obviously invited to join the tribe.


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